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single works

collection of my own single works

character design

female firbolg

A free concept for a DnD character. It‘s a female firbolg, member of an old druid family that lives in a giant forest by the mountains with a strong connection to nature. She has a white fox as her animal buddy and her shield changes it's colour depending on the season.

e l e m e n t s

A private project for a story of my own.

It's about six teenagers representing the elements water, air, earth, fire, darkness and light. Beside the topic of the first four, born in ancient times, trying to keep the peace during the endless fight between light and darkness it happened a serious incident. Because of an traumatic experience the representative of the powerful fire turns against his comrades and banishes them into their respective gems each of them owns. Released in our present time by the protagonist Lilli it is their main task for now to calm the fire and then continue their search for the representatives of darkness and light.


OCT 21 2015

Fan art for the movie "back to the future"

The thinking was how they really had to dress up to stay undercover.


Redesign for nineties kids game "playmobil laura" as a fan art

Reference for the game was the classic anime series "world masterpiece theater".

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