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intern and junior 3D-artist at DECK13 Interactive

my tasks:

used software:

modeling, level design, supervising outsourcers

Autodesk Maya, Fledge Engine

"The game is set in a world where no sin is forgotten. Players take on the role of Harkyn, a convicted criminal whose sins are visible on his face, in the form of runes. The world's rulers are working to banish all evil from humans; it is unclear what exactly this might mean for someone like Harkyn. When an army of long-defeated gods attacks the human realm, Harkyn is released from prison with a chance at redemption. Along with his mentor, Kaslo, the journey to stop the attacks leads to Rhogar, another dimension inhabited by demons. Players can form alliances as they progress, combat enemies of ever-increasing difficulty, and eventually travel to the heart of the demonic realm, in an effort to achieve forgiveness for the anti-hero, Harkyn."

During my time at DECK13 Interactive GmbH it was my task to be involved in 3D-art and environment design of the game LORDS OF THE FALLEN. Among others I had to check instances, to create lowpoly objects, to set props in several levels and to create shadowcaster and collision meshes for optimisation of performance in the game. I started as an intern and till the end of the project I continued working as a Junior 3D-Artist. 
Check out the videos below to see my work in the game and see the evolution of the catacombs level.

environment art



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